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Ensure the Dedication in

every procedure

With The Extra Mile Program


Mile Program

The Extra Mile Program (EMP) is a work flow program created by MDM that ensure the dedication of each and single procedure on any MDM project according to preestablished quality and time standards. The purpose of this program is to provide a superior construction service to our clients perfectly on time, on budget

MDM follows strictly standers and guide lines that confirm the quality standards of work finishing, material used, time milestones and legal issues and building codes and permit. EMP include guarantees of senior management involvement in each step to ensure quality and time scheduling standards

Impressing our clients is a long road that needs an extra mile to walk

The Program consists of many sub programs to ensure the high performance for each task & stage in the project as follows:

Experienced Estimations

  • Senior Employee’s Involvement
  • Strategic Planning
  • Accountable on Any Task
  • Revising For Each Task
  • Training Program From Each Manger & Director

Contingent Plans

  • Catastrophic Scenarios
  • Alternative Plan B For Critical Stages
  • Project Programming Schedules

Accurate Critical Path

  • Establishing Critical Milestones Dates
  • Every Task Is Given In The Company Is Labeled With A Deadline
  • Tasks Rewards Program (Every Quarter)
  • Logistics: Back Office Support For Administrative Staff 
  • Cash Flow Chart


  • 5 Years For Labor
  • Leverage Standers

Project Wide

With Extra Mile Service to Exceed Customer Expectations

Company Wide

Culture to Build Cooperation among Employees To Each Other & to the Company.


I’ve hired MDM to be the General Contractor and Electrical Contractor for my Clinic. They took care of the complete Design & Build of the project. They managed to accommodate to our need of being able to have the business running during the build. I recommend them to anybody looking for an amazing Electrical Contractor, or General Contractor. Their service is impeccable, and went far beyond my expectations.

Joseph Yousef

RPh, CDE, CGP Olde Town
The MDM team not only responds in a timely fashion, but also all of the work performed is done quickly, professionally, and to very high standards. We were pleased with their prompt completion of the work, and their professionalism while on site. MDM is the right choice for any major construction needs we have.

Peter Bouls

Pharmacy Owner, AlphaCare Pharmacy & Medical Clinic
I worked with MDM Contracting, who made the process painless and easy. They had all of the knowledge and connections necessary to make my dream restaurant. The team was incredibly thoughtful and thorough with the details of the project. I couldn't have asked for a better contractor.

Cilia Bento

Owner, Churrasqueira Grelha D’Ouro


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